The Rayyan Center Gym is now available for rental! Please download the Rental Agreement below and submit completed form to the management team.
  • The Gym is capable of seating 350 people in total.
  • Chairs and Tables will be provided by Rayyan Center.
  • Serving spoons will be provided by Rayyan Center.
  • Rayyan Center can also provide upon request tea percolators (2-3) for no additional cost.
  • All cutlery, table covers and supplies needed (plates, cups, napkins, bowls, tea, sugar, garbage bags, etc.) are the responsibility of the host/hostess.
  • All decorations are the responsibility of the host/hostess.
  • Confetti, Glitter, Scotch tape and nails may not be used for decorating.
  • Rayyan Center will provide one helper (based on availability) to help host/hostess with setting up tables and chairs.
  • The helpers will come 1 hour prior to event and stay 1 hour after the event for maximum of 6 hours. Any additional time will be charged at $25/hour per helper. The host/hostess will be responsible for to pay for all additional amount at the end of the event.
  • All trash generated at the event must be placed in the dumpster and trash bins replaced with new empty trash bags.
  • If the event goes past midnight, there will be an additional charge of $100/hr.
  • Kitchenette can be use for setting up food. NO Cooking allowed in the Kitchen.
  • NO Children are allowed in the Kitchen and storage room areas.
  • NO Food/drinks are allowed outside of the Gym area.
  • Upstairs walkway is NOT included in the rental.
  • Gym Sound system with 1 mic. can be provide on special request.

Download Gym Rental Agreement

$450 for less than 150 people
$750 for over 150 up to 300 people.
Cost includes gym rental, chair/tables setup. It doesn’t include clean up.


Prior to participating in any sporting events/activities at the Rayyan Center gym, we ask that you download the form below and submit to the management team.

Download Gym Waiver Form

Download Gym Rules