Rayyan Center
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Our Mission
  • To arrange and hold regular congregational prayers
  • To nurture a comfortable and spiritually uplifting environment where Muslims from all ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds can practice Islam
  • To promote community life in an Islamic manner that will endeavor to integrate the best of American tradition, and the variety of ethnic traditions that our immigrant communities have brought
  • To promote positive and meaningful relationships among Muslim communities and other communities of faith and society at large
  • To undertake and engage in any and all other religious, charitable, educational and cultural activities in furtherance of the foregoing
Rayyan Center was formed on the basic foundation of the Islamic faith that there is no God but Allah (SWT) and that Muhammad (PBUH) is the last messenger (Seal of the Prophethood) of Allah (SWT), and its practices will be based on the teachings of the Qur’an and Sunnah

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